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Whether it is hosting a telethon, chatting about the latest fads or announcing weather, working in live television is never boring! You plug in your IFB – the little gadget that is placed in your ear to hear the director's cues – and as you listen to the countdown with one side of your brain – "30 seconds", the other side is concentrating on what you want to say, the questions you need to ask, relevant information - anything related to the topic while you're thinking about pacing. Suddenly you hear a frantic "10 seconds!!!" and  you're thinking – “what happened to the other 20 seconds?!!” You are also trying to get out of whatever you started as fast as you can without trying to sound like you've invented a new language!

Or you may be sitting on the set interviewing a guest about a serious health issue and due to some sort of interference, Latin music starts playing in your ear… and at this point, you are unable to break away to inform the control room. Now, not only can you NOT hear cues from the director, but you have music blaring in your ear as you try to focus on what you need to ask, how the guest is responding, how much time has elapsed and all the while, trying to keep from jumping up and shouting "TURN IT OFF!!!"

Is it stressful? Maybe just a little. Do we love it? OH YEAH!

- Roe


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