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“Who I am?  Who I am?  Who am I?  Who am I is a question for the ages that’s one we’re all searching for, to find that who I am, whose in there, who wants to come out and go ‘hey, I’m hungry’!”


Clip from one of Rosa’s favourite Billy Crystal scenes in ANALYZE THIS.


An independent writer, producer and announcer ROSA VETRANO’s diversified career has taken her both in front of and behind the camera. She recently wrote, directed and produced a short film and is working on the sequel to her screenplay In The Olive Grove.


Her genuine love of people and curiosity about life made

her an empathic host for television programs and special

events. As a former television reporter she pounded the

pavements and halls of courthouses covering the crime



Her creativity and passion for storytelling (she talks a lot)

has led to challenging and diverse projects throughout

her career (for which she is grateful, because it gave her a

wider array of topics to talk about). Rosa's versatility has

allowed her to work in major facets of the communications

field, from television to print media. (She has no problem

talking anywhere about anything, in any form). 


From travel shows to telethons, Rosa has written, produced and directed special features and independent productions, including informative and promotional videos for a local hospital where she volunteered as a member of the committee working to improve patient care.


Just as passionate about music, Rosa found her way to the music studio. She wrote the lyrics, produced and directed music videos for several Telethon theme songs. 


Through regular appearances on a local live morning show, Rosa’s humour and adventurous nature entertained viewers as she clung to trapeze bars (fear had her hands invisibly glued there), flew kites (which she admits was a breeze) and during a safety driving story, avoided skidding a car into snow banks (which is where she really wanted to drive it).


And if clinging to a trapeze bar wasn’t daring enough, as co-host of a prime-time magazine program, Rosa climbed a 103-foot city icon to change light bulbs (essentially admitting she might be a little crazy), with no harness (proving she is a little crazy), and jumped out of an airplane. Twice. Free falling the second time. (Proving she’s more than a little crazy but perhaps a little brave too!)


Rosa has distinguished herself as a host and emcee for press conferences on special events, various fund-raisers, community events, galas, golf tournaments, movie premieres, and more.  She was honoured as a Personality of the Year by the Italian Basilucania Association in Montreal, in recognition of accomplishments, involvement and representation of the community. 

Throughout her career, Rosa’s greatest joy has come from interacting with people. When interviewing she quickly puts guests at ease with her easy manner and innate curiosity.


Rosa loves traveling, exploring, adventure, horses, movies, music and sports including cycling, rollerblading, hockey and F1. 


Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Rosa speaks English, French and Italian.  (Which only means she gets to talk – times three!)


Rosa continues to pursue her passion for writing, producing and voice work. (Because sometimes, it really does pay to talk!)

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