I would be perfectly happy if life were a musical where we spontaneously burst into song and dance. (I do that anyway the moment I’m alone!)


I’m clearly not a singer, but I had the opportunity to fulfill my secret dream of being one, when I wrote the lyrics and sang lead vocals to This Is The Day.  It was my special gift to celebrate my niece, Leandra (as an actress, also a part of the creative world) and husband Sean’s wedding.


Although I get a kick out of saying I sang “lead vocals”, I am beyond grateful for producer Peter Ranallo’s ingenious talent and patience.  And of course, three cheers for auto-tuning!!!


It was also a great privilege to write lyrics for several other songs, two of which were used as opening themes for children’s Telethons, Walk In My Parade & Stand In The Light; and Side By Side, dedicated to rehabilitation programs for addiction, mental health and recovery.

- Roe