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I recently discovered a box of stories, a screenplay and poems I had written in high school.
Some of what I wrote – especially the poems – were an eye-opener.
If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I was on something. But I know I wasn’t – which in
some ways is scarier! LOL A perfect example of the past repeating itself!

Professionally, my greatest reward is in accurately expressing a client’s vision even when they
sometimes are unsure of what that might be.

Whether it is scripts for event presentation; keynote speeches for executive addresses;
executive profiles; corporate video productions; lyrical adaptations/parodies; or even concept
creation and theme development; understanding a client’s perspective is key in fulfilling their

Personal projects, on the other hand, present different kinds of challenges. But always, it is a
privilege to be able to create, be it to write, direct and produce a short film; write lyrics or a
feature length story such as In The Olive Grove. There is infinite excitement in creating
fascinating worlds that only existed in your imagination.

In The Olive Grove tells a story of two best friends – strong, staunch, witty women – catapulted
into a heart-pounding, heart-stirring fantastical time travel adventure into the past. A story
wrought with danger, defiance, drollness and a touch of romance. 

It was ‘one of those days’ that inspired In The Olive Grove. You know, one of those days when it
feels like the ground just crumbled from beneath your feet and suddenly, you’re at the bottom
of a cold, dark pit, wondering, ‘how in the world did I get here’?
I remember thinking, “Lord I really need a hug today.” The image that thought sparked would
become, In The Olive Grove.

I’m ready now for the next challenge and thrilled to be working on the sequel to In The Olive
Grove as well as developing additional short films, so stay tuned – more adventures to come!

- Roe

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