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All But A Memory?


What happened to a simple thing like manners? You know, "please", "thank you"? It seems that the basic courtesies we were taught as children seem useless in today's world. I realized quite some time ago that I was beginning to sound a whole lot like my parents! As frightening as that seemed and as true as the adage about becoming like our parents with age might be - there was a distinct difference. To some extent, today's younger generation really is playing by a different set of rules. It's not simply about rebelling against a societal dress code or taking a stand against adults who want to imprison youthful creativity.

The problem is that technological progress and the need to exceed have all but disintegrated the basic values that once served as the fiber of our society. Think about it. I remember spending most of my play time with friends inventing games, telling stories, finding ways to entertain ourselves. Young kids today have amazing visual games that require manual dexterity and quick reflexes but is leaving little room or time for learning to interact or acquire social graces. So what can we do? Or are we pushing the panic button needlessly? Something to think about...

- Roe


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