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Hello and welcome to my little cyber corner of the Net! 


I’m Rosa (call me Roe for short) Vetrano and I believe in love, laughter and chocolate anything!


And when unexpected dark moments come along, I believe it is faith and laughter that bring strength and light.


For me, humour is as fundamental as love, hence it plays a big part in my life and my writing, although sometimes I can get carried away with the drama.  No matter.  Somewhere in all that drama, a little levity will rise.


As I commented in the Personal Note section of my novel, ‘My father was a wonderful storyteller. In The Olive Grove may not be a Shakespearean novel, fancy or flowery, but I truly hope that I have succeeded, even a smidgen, in telling a story as well as my father did.’


This is what I hope I achieved in my first self-published novel, In The Olive Grove.  And what I’ll try my very best to do more of, in the sequel.


If I can entertain and inspire by creating and bringing to life, with words, a world that only lived in my imagination, even just a little, then my dreams are coming true.


So I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I continue to pursue dreams close to my heart; to write more novels and lyrics, produce a film and of course, find the biggest chocolate bar in the world! 


- Roe 



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